Culture Recovery Fund


We were thrilled to hear we have received funding thanks to the government’s Culture Recovery Fund so that we can continue to be here for you and #HereForCulture. 


Craig May - Meriln Cinemas' Film Programmer & Company Director said:


"Merlin Cinemas mission and driving ethos has always been to bring the cinema experience to places where people have little or no access to experience film at the cinema and further to restore and preserve beautiful and interesting old cinema buildings. Local cinemas can and should be a big part of each individual community that they serve. The Culture Recovery Fund will be a welcomed life line in continuing this mission as well as securing the many valuable jobs the company provides to the local economies. It will enable our team to return to doing what they love most by bringing the big screen experience and the magic of the movies to communities up and down the UK." 


About #HereForCulture, from The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport [click for government website]

Culture creates jobs, supports livelihoods, and brings joy to everyone. The UK leads the world in the creative industries and we can all feel pride in that. Now, in these challenging times, it’s our turn to show our support for culture. With an unprecedented investment through the £1.57bn Cultural Recovery Fund, the government is #HereForCulture so it can weather the storm of coronavirus and come back stronger. And we are #HereForCulture too. #HereForCulture is a movement that unites the public, government and cultural organisations in support of our fantastic cinemas, theatres, music venues, museums, galleries and heritage. With more and more culture being curated online, there is no better time to support and enjoy all the new and exciting ways culture is available to us. By being #HereForCulture, we aren’t just supporting the people in the industry, we’re also supporting communities across the country.


Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

“The magic of film is such an important part of the festive period and this investment will help protect our independent cinemas so they're around for many Christmases to come. Alongside it, the extension of the Film and TV Production Restart Scheme means the UK will be producing even more great content as the cinema industry recovers, keeping us at the forefront of the creative industries.”

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, said:

“As a Star Wars fan, I know there’s no better place to experience great films than in your local cinema and these grants will provide vital support for independent venues through Christmas and beyond.
“Our Restart Scheme has already helped to get nearly 100 film and TV productions back up and running as part of our Plan for Jobs, and it’s right that we extend this to support even more jobs in the UK’s creative industries, including for the over 70s.”

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