Q&A with Martha Tilston after screening of The Tape

Q&A with Writer and Director, Martha Tilston
Friday 24th September at 8.30pm 
A film with music at its heart – think ‘ONCE’ but in the windswept world of Cornwall with themes of staying true to yourself and taking bold steps towards happiness.
A piano, an old tape recorder, an empty Cornish cottage, a feral child, a love story, wild swimming, and a reminder to get back to our creative souls.
Written and directed by musician Martha Tilston, recently nominated for Best Arts Programme at the Celtic Media Festival for her film Cliff Top Sessions, The Tape follows Tally, a disillusioned songwriter drifting through life who finds her inspiration renewed at an atmospheric Cornish cliff-top house and records a single analogue copy of her new album.
When corporate lawyer Leo is drawn into Tally’s world of music and mythology, the implications ricochet through both their lives with the tape acting as a talisman, helping those who encounter it to come truly alive.

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